The epicenter of the fashion industry has once again raised the curtain and turned on its spotlights to welcome the epic Haute Couture Week in style . This event, which brings together the most influential personalities in the sector in Paris to see first-hand what’s new in couture houses, actually had its origins in New York City in 1943 thanks to the ingenuity of  Eleanor Lamberttal. Over time, this emblematic event has moved to the city of love, a place where, in addition to presenting the new collections, it is where its guests confirm which are the trends that will really succeed in the streets.. Among all the news that these acts full of luxury and sophistication give us, there are moments that become history. Keep reading to discover what are the curiosities that are leading these magical days. 

Carlota Casiraghi parades… on horseback!

It is not the first time that a  horse has appeared in the staging of Chanel shows . But this time, it was Grace Kelly’s granddaughter who stole the spotlight! Carlota Casiraghi has opened the catwalk  of the Spring-Summer 2022 collection riding  elegantly and clad in a total black look from the maison . A unique and very special moment that has been recorded for posterity and with which he has confirmed his close relationship with the firm and with the creative director Virgine Viard,  as well as his eternal passion for horse riding, a sport he has practiced since his youth.   


Who is the new makeup artist who has arrived in Paris?

Charlotte Tilbury , the favorite brand of Hollywood stars, has collaborated with Zuhair Murad again for its spring-summer 2022 Haute Couture show. Although this long-awaited edition has not been one more job to add to the long list of successes of the beauty house, since the person in charge of the delicate makeup faces that play with the effect of natural and pure skin , focusing attention on the  smoky eyes and a tan inspired by the desert islands, has been the successor to the great legacy. We are talking about Sofía Tilbury , the niece of the iconic make-up artist, who for the first time has been able to work with her team from backstage . of the parade and not from a distance as happened on past occasions. 


Kanye West and his new girlfriend, coordinated looks with a nod to the 2000s

Surprise! Kanye West did not want to miss this appointment, but for the first time since his complicated divorce with Kim Kardashian , he has been seen walking hand in hand with his new girl,  Julia Fox . Leaving aside the ins and outs of love, both have worn denim pieces from head to toe. A gesture that has made us travel directly to the year 2001, when Britney Spears appeared with her then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, at the American Music Awards Gala with the famous denim on denim outfit. What do they want to tell us with this wink?


A very royal headdress

That princesses, queens and aristocrats have been a constant inspiration for centuries, is a fact that we have even been able to observe in Chanel ‘s latest bridal proposal . On this occasion we are not referring to her delicate white dress with straps with which she has closed her collection with an equestrian stamp, but to the headdress with tiny white flowers  that has completed her styling. An accessory that has reminded us of that bohemian design that Carolina de Monaco wore for her wedding with Philippe Junot in the late seventies. So if you are thinking of making a difference on your big day, follow the advice of the monagesque and the French maison .  


The tribute to the passing of the years with the ‘Haute Couture’ seal

There are many firms that have joined in emphasizing the beauty of wrinkles and natural gray hair , thus honoring the passage of time. The latest action took place during the Valentino parade  held in one of the buildings overlooking the famous Place Vendôme in the French capital. A success on the part of  Pierpaolo Piccioli with which he has shown that his Haute Couture pieces are ideal for any silhouette, height and age,  with a broader cast of models. 

beatrice dior

Ode to wardrobes ‘royals’

Carolina de Monaco’s daughter-in-law, Beatrice Borromeo , has once again left us speechless. Her presence at Dior ‘s Spring-Summer 2022 show has shown us that simplicity is the key to building a beautiful and timeless look, like her two pieces in white combined with crystal stockings and nude stilettos . A look of ten with a certain nod to those worn by the eternal Princess Diana of Wales in the late eighties and early nineties, which has shown us, once again, that all the star trends return to the wardrobes of the aristocrats with a better sense of taste. https://eb3e9fed90dbfff2e590a6423d5758cb.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html


Now you will wear the ‘eye-liner’ inverted!

How many times have you rejected the black eye-liner  because you were tired of wearing it always the same? Well, pay attention, because the new release of Dior Haute Couture has given us an inspiration that promises to be a success among beauty lovers. It is the inverted line under the lower lashes devised by the artist Peter Philips, who has opted for a fresh and original look achieved from a fine line in an intense pure white. Ready to give your summer makeup a twist? 


Who said Carrie Bradshaw?

Among all the style icons, there is one that never goes out of style: Carrie Bradshaw . It doesn’t matter that her character only lives in fiction, because her influence – even with the reboot of And Just Like That – continues to mark the outfits of fashionistas. And Amelia Windsor was the last to pay tribute to one of the New York columnist’s best-known garments upon her arrival at the Dior fashion show . Do you know what piece we mean? To the tulle skirt! Although the theme of white socks with loafers, we’re not sure if he would accept them in his repertoire… 


When accessories do matter

If you are a true fan of the industry, you will know that there are accessories that can elevate a basic outfit into a unique and special one. The ingenuity of the Schiaparelli house has once again relied on its XXL accessories , converted into authentic walking works of art: from dangling earrings with unexpected shapes , to briefcases and  bags in the shape of a human face (specifically that of the model Maggie Maurer ) Now is the time to follow the formula dictated by the Italian firm to become the friend with the most sense of taste based on leading pieces that will not go unnoticed at all. 


The ‘glitter’ makeup that does not go unnoticed

If there is a successful series that has inspired the beauty looks of the experts in the field, that is Euphoria . With its recent second season released, its makeup has become the star object of the moment. So much so that the queen of influencers , Chiara Ferragni , and her sister Valentina have not hesitated to opt for this fantasy option full of glitter, color and glitter for their presence during Haute Couture. A work of art signed by his friend Manuele Mameli, which has illuminated their faces. 

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